Sampler Pack - 1oz - 17 blends


Sampler Pack - 1oz - 17 blends

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Try a sampler pack of all 17 blends! You will receive 1oz of each blend (10-15 cups).

Badass Babe
Badass Mofo
Chai F*cking Harder
Chill The F*ck Out
Filthy A$$
Go The F*ck To Sleep
Hung The F*ck Over
Juicy A$$
Rad As F*ck
Smart A$$
Sorry To Hear You're Such a Pussy
The Notorious V.A.G.
Wake The F*ck Up
Woke As F*ck
You're F*cking Awesome
You Do You Boo
Zen As F*ck

Only blend missing is F*ckoffee (we don't offer in 1oz)