About Us, well, Me to be specific.


I am Jamah Dacus, I am the sole owner and creator of ModestMix Teas, which was born in April, 2014. I have a fuck-ton of passion and I put it all into creating the highest quality loose leaf tea blends. I love making people laugh! Tea can be pretty ‘stuffy’, so why not have some fun with it?

My tea isn’t just for shits & giggles…every blend is handcrafted, using organic ingredients sourced from fair-trade farms worldwide. I am so grateful for your support in my mission to spread laughter, health and fucking amazing tea blends!

All of your tea is made in the Sierra Mountains, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. We create, design, package and ship all from our 2000 sq ft commercial kitchen. We are a small team of five. We roll in, blast music and make tea all day. We fucking love you all!

You are all AWESOME! – Jamah, Badass Babe