I need your tea NOW. How fast do you typically send shit out?

We typically ship our badass teas within 1-2 business days and use USPS First Class or Priority (depending on weight).

What are your shipping rates?

We never charge you more than we pay. Shipping rates are calculated at checkout. We do offer free shipping on US orders over $69

Do you offer returns?

We don't accept returns. If we fucked up on your order, please email us at support@modestmix.com

Where are you located?

Reno / Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. All of our tea is crafted, packaged and shipped from our 2000 sq ft commercial kitchen.

Are your teas gluten free?

Yes, we keep our entire facility gluten free.

What is the shelf life on your awesome tea?

Our teas are made fresh to order and will last 18 months in a cool and dry space.

Are all your ingredients organic, fair trade, and grown with a shit-ton of love?

The vast majority are organic and fair trade, however there’s certain ingredients, that are difficult and expensive to source organically, so at this point they aren’t organic.  This is noted in the tea details as well as on the label. We work with well established fair trade and small farms globally. We trust their growing practices. All our ingredients are grown with a shit-ton of love. We give our love vibes out to every blend we make. We want our tea to make you smile and feel special.

I’m super paranoid about micro-plastics and chemicals. Are your bags and tea BPA & micro-plastic free?

Yes!  Our bags are BPA and micro-plastic free. They won’t leak chemicals or plastics into the tea nor will the tea leaves ever smell or taste plastic-y. They are also resealable to keep in the awesome freshness.

I want my labels personalized with mine and my friends/families names, how do I do this?

We can personalize all teas with a first name. They will be printed directly on your label. There is a personalization box in every product. Some Gear can't be personalized, like the tea straw. Everything else is fair game!

Do you offer bagged tea, or is it all loose leaf?

We only create loose leaf tea blends. We have yet to find tea bagging paper that is microplastic free.

You can always grab some reusable cotton tea bags in our Gear section if you love tea bagging.

Wholesale: Do you offer free shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free shipping on wholesale orders.

Wholesale: Can I personalize the label?

We do not offer personalization on our wholesale packaging, as it is not printed in house.

Wholesale: Are there discount codes?

We do not offer extra discounts on wholesale orders, you're getting the deepest discount we can allow.