Organic Certification: The Bitter Truth Behind the Label

Organic Certification: The Bitter Truth Behind the Label

In a world that increasingly values sustainability and natural products, the term "organic" has become a hallmark of purity and trust. Many conscientious consumers seek out organic goods, believing that they're supporting both their health and the environment. However, what if I told you that the organic certification label might not be the golden standard you think it is?

At ModestMix, we've chosen not to pursue organic certification for our teas. But before you raise an eyebrow or label us as just another corporation cutting corners, allow me to peel back the layers behind the shiny 'organic' label.

The heart of the matter lies in the fact that every farm providing our ingredients adheres to strict organic farming practices, and are in fact certified organic.

So, why not label our product as "certified organic"?

The reality is that obtaining that certification is not as simple or as inexpensive as one might think. The process involves a hefty fee, which may not seem like much for large corporations, but for smaller businesses like ours, it's a significant investment. This cost is not just a one-time fee but an ongoing expense.

I feel for the small farms.

It's a twisted irony that the certification process, designed to ensure organic integrity, becomes a financial barrier. The hefty price tags on these certifications often mean that the smaller-scale farmers, who might adhere most strictly to organic principles, find themselves shut out from the official organic label. Consequently, it's the larger, more financially capable farms that often dominate the certified organic market, skewing the perception of what "organic" truly represents.

We firmly stand against contributing more money into the hands of these certifiers when that money could be better utilized in supporting our farmers directly. The system is broken, and we refuse to be a mere cog in that wheel. Instead, we invite our customers to trust in our commitment to sourcing ingredients from responsible, organic farms and to reach out to us if they have any queries or doubts.

To those who seek the assurance of an organic label, we respect and understand your concerns. That's why we openly invite questions and encourage transparency. If you desire more information about the sources of our ingredients need have the organic certification, please email us at We are here to engage, educate, and maintain the integrity of our promise to deliver the best possible products to our consumers.

In a world where labels can sometimes obscure rather than clarify, let's embark on a journey of genuine understanding and knowledge about what truly goes into the products we consume. Organic or not, at ModestMix, we remain steadfast in our dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing practices.

Let's brew a conversation, not just a cup of tea.